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Experts recommend: trampoline is preferred

Date:2016-03-17 09:04

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Sue Nymphoides reported: "foreign sports community always evaluate China Sports Yamiaozhuzhang basic training, the children began to pull the ligament has not strength training and power, the result is a teenager did very well, but after the outbreak of injuries adulthood, sports life expectancy is not long. "Guangzhou trampoline tricks Association executive vice president Zeng Jian-Qiang told Yangcheng Evening News reporter, he said that before the age of 9 in the body laying the foundation stage, the trampoline is the best project.

December 13 to 15, 2014 Elite Cup Guangzhou Volkswagen trampoline Open in Liwan Gymnasium start (see right), from kindergarten to 15 years age group, there are 379 students participating. During the forum also held the championship and the first national public trampoline instructor courses. Zeng Jian Qiang said that in schools to further promote the popularity of trampolines is their next goal, hope in the future be able to mess such activities once a week, once a month, the children further popularity.

For the promotion of the mind, has introduced the Jianqiang, according to study abroad, the children engaged in sports, the best way is more than 9 years ago in motion project, nine years after the development of a specific individual, since the age of 9 before playing basis when the body balanced development period is very important. "We have introduced from abroad a very popular physical function tests, twenty Guangzhou branch of the individual sports teams are involved in the test, the results of the trampoline team total score first, because trampoline training can make various body joints, muscles and coordinated development, so children flexibility and improved air counterweight, while others practice individual children if premature specialized training, it tends to produce a loss of function of the body part the drawbacks. "Zeng Jian Qiang, trampoline for benefits abroad has long been recognized. The tournament sponsor sporting goods, last year produced trampoline exported to Europe amounted to $ 300 million in revenue, many foreign families are equipped with a small trampoline.

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