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How quality children's inflatable trampoline discrimination

Date:2016-03-17 09:04

Children's inflatable trampoline quality probably start from the following 8:00, I believe that after reading through your to learn how to distinguish quality!

1. Material: professional raw material suppliers, 0.45mm thick first-class, environmentally friendly PVC material.

2. Design capacity: professional designers

3. Production Process: cutting, sewing (heat), stick the whole (landscaping), finished

4. quality control procedures: Self mutual inspection --- --- --- seizure final inspection Purpose: to prevent unqualified products into the next process to ensure product quality.

5. The open air as much as possible the use of double sewing stitches uniform, pitch control between 4.2 to 4.5mm. Objective: To be able to minimize leakage and increase the strength of sewing garbage site.

6. sticky gluing entire width of the adhesive strip width error does not exceed plus or minus 0.5cm

7. The temperature of the whole sticky strict control standards

8. modeling and Omo junction structure to maximize the use of the arc. Aim is to force the uniformity of the product and increase product life.

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