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China is the only theme park in the United States imported trampoline jumping cool with you enjoy

Date:2016-03-17 09:02

In recent years, Huang Shanshan, Wenna, Lu Chunlong and other Chinese trampoline athletes in international competitions often gains success, as well as television programs frequently introduced exciting part of the game fun trampoline, trampoline movement began gaining in popularity in China, and high participation, interesting and fun, physical fitness and other advantages quickly leading sports and fitness trend.

For most people, let Trampoline Sports has become unattainable biggest obstacle is estimated that the trampoline equipment! In order to fully protect the safety of exercise, trampoline sports equipment for professional requirements are particularly high, so that ordinary families to buy valuable trampoline facility is clearly unrealistic. Fortunately, at present the country has a cool jump trampoline including Shenzhen theme park, including several trampoline parks have opened park, which is the majority of trampoline enthusiasts should be a big benefit.

Leisure holiday, bring home baby vitality, started a unique parent-child activities, children in extreme sports thrill of the harvest at the same time, enjoy the release of physical energy, the joy and cheers unconsciously achieve the purpose of the whole body workout, promoting easy child's height growth and brain development. Of course, not just the children of Trampoline patents in Shenzhen cool jump trampoline theme park, a lot of fun projects beneficial for adults to relax, it is a pretty good way to lose weight.

In Cool jumping trampoline open area, connected in international trampoline bounce space allows participants to enjoy the fun of flying, the famous tilt trampoline, bounce platforms and other surprises everything; in the country's first trampoline dodge the court, the cool jump "dodge ball + net + to bomb mattress paved the wall" will play you make endless fun; to meet the aspirations of countless fans dunk dunk limit area, but air moves Adventure graceful fancy sponge pool, challenge exciting Ninja Parkour steeplechase ...... both an upsurge of emotion, excited, invite a few friends to a hearty challenge trampoline, not Yoshiya! Of course, as is currently the only to spend millions to create a party atmosphere fluorescent trampoline place, cool jump team also expand the quality and choice for party activities.

Shenzhen outside trampoline enthusiasts also do not have to cool can not immediately jump Play some upset, at this stage, cool jump trampoline theme park positive investment to the nation to join, as the only one in southern China from the United States imported equipment and has a party room trampoline theme parks, cool trampoline jumping want to popularize this new way of fitness throughout the country, and plans to cover 30 stores in major cities in two years, so that more people are no longer entangled holiday where to play. If you are interested in a full field of trampoline and eager to develop their careers, has extensive experience in all aspects of trampoline production, marketing, operations and other cool jump should be worth a try.

It is understood that, in addition to project participants on the trampoline hooked outside, cool jump specially set up trampoline classes, limit dunk classes, adult aerobics classes, hip-hop classes are also better for everyone to enjoy sport trampoline provided professional guidance. It is worth mentioning that the cool jump trampoline theme park joint dragon dancers hip-hop hip-hop community to build NEWSTAR children's classes is now in full swing enrollment stage. By then, the team captain and dragon dancers hip-hop star on behalf of children born hip-hop group's founder Aven will personally, featuring coach, has 12 years of age and years of hip-hop dance hip-hop children's teaching experience, he is sure to make vibrant hip-hop again ignite small sport fans enthusiasm. Cool jumping trampoline Theme Park relevant responsible person said, the future will continue to explore and excavate this play is similar to hip-hop training programs, fully let the children move, but also to the development of the park more dynamic.

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