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Dodge the wall "walking" trampoline game play hi

Date:2016-03-17 09:05

Morning News remove the body of the phone, watch, take away the keys, Bob, toys; there is no interference with hard objects and sharp objects, all in the New Year night participated in the activities of the trampoline adults and children, are all an easy, all immersed in free bouncing joy.

New Year's Day evening trampoline event a success

January 1 at 6:30 pm, enroll Jianghuai Morning trampoline activities reader after another came from the city in all directions. Although the time when the night, but almost every family unit registration friend, all adults with their children to the scene, and even some children also deliberately let Mom and Dad Shaoshang his partner a good play.

Trampoline activities for all ages, professional venue and safety equipment, so that adults and children can enjoy playing. He came to the front desk, as long as they are reported, "Jianghuai Morning News readers" will get supervised. More than 1,000 square meters of space in trampoline, diving area, basketball area, spring ramps, etc. Features master Strip trampoline area, and soon readers active in the figure. There are both to young couple, two more immersed in their own world, with a variety of challenges trampoline fun.

Easy battle adults and children jumped up

Although each spring for the arrival of friends are not familiar with the bed bounce, but are still in contact professional trampoline first. Specially instructors give you confessed precautions, took off the cell phone, keys and other hard objects and sharp objects, all readers have a relaxed, ready themselves "to the" trampoline preparation.

"After the jump, landing remember not because he was nervous and a hand to hold, so not only can not secure landing, but easy to hurt wrist. Trampoline is very soft and flexible, even if the whole body sideways or upturned landed all right, and this is precisely also lets you bounce again, complete a variety of stunts. "trampoline effect before formal learning, Song teacher gave us ten minutes of warm-up time, and some special account security essentials.

Trampoline mesh grid appear before the distribution, size and vary in size. Take off your shoes, wear non-slip socks trampoline, a simple jump a few times to find the feeling, I saw not a moment, the audience of adults and children are beginning to jump joy.

Learning to play a variety of games stunt Hi

To help you have more fun, specially sent a trampoline club fifty-six instructor, designed to help you become familiar with and master the trampoline skills. Has a "aerial ballet," said the trampoline sport, beauty in addition to continuously bounce, but also to create a variety of special shapes in the air, and showed beautiful strange "hover" effect.

In the "master zones" Song coach to show you a bouncing back and lay down, and other pop-up again after making "walking" posture in the vertical wall. This is similar to the effect of weightlessness and suspension, so that everyone eye-opener. Practice, specialized coaches teach you how to learn his back, then bounce, stand upright.

In addition to learning stunts, trampoline project team can carry out various activities. Day children also wear yellow, blue vest, yellow and blue into two teams playing a "tear famous" game on the trampoline; adults are concentrated in another area, also divided into two teams, and try to avoid throwing in the air fly ball. "It's like a child playing in the air, throwing sandbags, did not expect to grow up, can play such a fun game." Has more than 40-year-old Mr. Zhang said with a smile.

"Today is the first day of the New Year, happy is the last word." Fan said one. In this bounce event, everyone had a great ecstasy, New Year's Day, so everyone on the trampoline stirring to spent a pleasant time.

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