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Miki recreation, children's play facilities pilotage industry to develop new directions

Date:2016-03-17 09:04

Zhe Jiang Meiqi Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Zhejiang, China vulgar "Zhejiang Green Valley Xiushan Lishui" stone carving village - Qingtian County. Miki Playground Equipment Co., Ltd. is IAAPA International Association Amusement Parks and Attractions, professional design, planning, manufacturing, installation of large commercial stores for children's play area and a large indoor trampoline facility series and a series of equipment and facilities and so on. Products through the German TUV GS authoritative testing organization certified by ISO9001 quality management system certification for compliance with US ASTM certification, compliance with EU standard EN1176, and exports to the EU CE certification, selling the Chinese mainland provinces, municipalities throughout Therefore, based on the export and the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Peru, Brazil and other South American and Southeast Asian countries. The company has maintained with the international market, the exchange of information and perennial cooperation with foreign R & D direction playground equipment industry giant, the company and the products can be side by side with international industry leader.

The companies with R & D center, planning center, marketing centers, engineering centers, production management center, administrative center, financial planning center. Focus on modern enterprise management philosophy, always pay attention to personnel training, professional and technical services to enhance the level of comprehensive stand rides forefront of the industry.

Miki is committed to a derivative of children's indoor amusement rides new standards, children's amusement industry will pilot the new direction as a corporate business ideas for happy children's development and make unremitting Notes force! So that every child can grow up healthy, happy to play is our motivation, but also the permanent pursuit of pleasure as Chinese toy industry Pathfinder, trampoline industry leads the way, with Miki amusement hope of insight at home and abroad Guests sincere cooperation.

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