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Professional aerial compilation error solution.

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UVAV group is the leading UAV manufacturer in China, and has a full range of unmanned aerial vehicle products such as OMO, OMS and SAV Among them, the personal aerial vehicle for China's mainstream brands; professional aerial vehicle for the global brand.

1.need to match the remote control (optional parts).

2.FCC standard, the use of remote control in the open environment without interference, measured.

3.when using this function, it is recommended to cooperate with the blade protection cover.

4.the use of the battery in a calm environment, at 20 kilometers per hour uniform speed flight measured, the actual use of time or because of the environment and flight patterns vary.

5.about to match, need to use remote control.

AUVA is a company specializing in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles. More than 95% of its products are exported to other parts of the world!

We're not just drone equipment suppliers. We're the leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicle equipment.

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